Why the Kashtale hate the traditional Roma?

In Romania, the native romanians never heard the word Rom. They learned about it just 20 years ago. The NGO leaders ruled by Nicolae Gheorghe obliged the romanian government to adopt the name Rom in oficial papers. But the NGO leaders dont explained to the native romanians why our name is Rom. On the other part, Nicolae Gheorghe himself recognizes that the big majority of NGO memebrs are kashtale(țigani):

N.G.: And? Who succeeded : the Roma or Gypsies ? I.R .: I think the fact that we present ourselves as Roma, you cannot present as tsigani. Because the emancipatory project is the Roma one , the emancipatory project is not the Gypsy one . N.G .: Whose emancipatory project? Who is the political actor wich is presenting the project? I.R.: The Roma activists. N.G.: Which are ţigani.The majority originate from tsigani, not from traditional Roma. I.R.: The define themselves as roms, the label themselves as roms. N.G.: This is what i mean, but they are not necessarily recognized as true roms.

In the Middle Ages, any enslaved nation was named TSIGAN, on the basis of heresy. The original athinganoi were heretics, and on the basis of their heresy were enslaved. In the old romanian documents are enlisted at least 4 different nations under the name Tsigan. One of those nations are called gavaon, as their antonym( here is my article about the Gavaons from an Anthropological Magazine:https://www.scribd.com/doc/307478221/Rom-or-%C8%9Aigan). The gavaons had their own language, which was different by the Romani language. On the other part, the so-called Kashtale/Rudari were not slaves, but because they are aliens are called tsigani by the native romanians, partly because they forgotten their identty and language. A romanian (of roma origin) resercher,C. S. Nicolăescu Plopşor, in the year 1922, made a study about them:

Că moşii lor ar fi fost robi, nu-şi aduce nimeni aminte, tipul ţigănesc nu-l întâlneşti la ei decât arareori, şi atunci e vorba de încrucişare.(C. S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor, Gurbanele, în Arhivele Olteniei, I, nr.1, Craiova, 1922, p. 35-40.)

Nobody amongst them dont remember that their ancestors were slaves, the romani genetics is very seldom seen in them, and if is met, is a result of interbreeding.

Indeed, in the old romanian documents exits hundreds of prooves the RUDARI were not slaves. The word slave in old romanian language was TSIGAN. The Rudari were paid by the romanian kings because they were gold-washers, so they were not slaves, because the slaves were not paid. The romani nation was the enslaved one. To be a TSIGAN/slave in the Middle Ages was very SHAMEFULL. The RUDARI are saying that NOBODY amongst their ancestors dont spoke the Romani language. It seems that the Rudari are another nation, not Romani! The Rudari/Kashtale are saying also to the romanian anthropologists that they are the DACian descendents, in order to escape somhow by the name TSIGAN.
I, the writter of this article, i learnt that i am TSIGAN for all the native romanians, from my teacher, when i was 8 years old, in the first day of the primary school. My teacher seeing that i am speaking the Romani language, put me to stay single, isolated by the rest of my romanian coleagues, saying : Cârpaci, you are a Tsigan, so you will stay separated by the romanian children. And, indeed, 4 YEARS i was separated by the rest of my class.

As i said the Kashtale/ Rudari are trying hardly to escape by the name Tsigan, so after the romanian Revolution, when they began to establish the NGOIs, they started to put in practice their DREAM, that to escape by the name Tsigan- i.e.,SHAME, and obliged the romanian government to adopt the name ROM instead it. Nicolae Gheorghe in his interwiev gave to Rostas said clearly that the Kashtale succeded to steal the money and the name of Roms, and the emancipatory project is to change the name TSIGAN in Rom! JUST THAT, their only goal in 25 years was to change their name stealing OUR name! They were interested just in changing the name TSIGAN applied wrongly to them by the native romanians. If the Rudari were the Gavaons or not, nobody knows it. But what is known for sure, is that the Rudari even were Roma, they ARE NOT LONGER,because in Romania if a romanian call one of them Tsigan, hestarts to cry, being very ashamed. If a Rom says to a Rudar/Kashtalo in the romanian language,(in front of the native romanians) NOI SUNTEM ȚIGANI- we are Tsigan, THE RUDAR/kashtalo IS VERY OFSET, and even are trying to beat the Rom!.
The interwiev of Nicolae Gheorghe is considered his WILL amongst the kashtale NGOs. The last words of Nicolae Gheorghe, are showing us that he hated us, the real Roma, because his mother told him when he was a little child to FEAR Roma:

N.G.: My mother dont allowed me to mix myself with the tsiganii laetsi (this way she called the roms living in tents), about them she used to say that are dirty and dangerous. My first terror about gypsies came from my mother, and she innoculated it into me so deep, that yet now i feel it. (Rom sau Țigan, pag. 328)

Nicolae Gheorghe said very clear in his WILL that he is TSIGAN, not a ROM! He finally recognized in front of all native romanians, but after he stole the money and the name of Roma:

N.G.:Dacă o să mor, dacă dialoghez cu moartea constant, aş vrea să mor, ca om, sau ca ţigan, dar n-o să pot să mor ca rom. (Rom sau Tigan, pag 328)


N.G.:If i wil die, if i talk constantly with the death, i want to die like a human being, or like a tsigan, but i will not can not die as a rom. (Rom sau Țigan, pag. 328)

The following quotes of Nicolae Gheorghe (N.G.) are very clear, showing us that he was interested just in STEALING the money and the name of Roma:

N.G.: Şi dacă poţi avea acces la resurse jucând cartea romilor e bine, pentru că la un moment dat toţi suntem romi. (Rom sau Tigan, pag 336)

N.G.: And if you can have acces to resources(i.e.,money) by pretending to be a rom is good, because all we are roms somehow.

The book Rom sau Tigan was wrote with the aim to clarify the confuzion between the two words Rom (gypsy) and Român (native inhabitant of Romania). Can be downloaded from:

Finally i explain to the Roma living in other parts of the world, not in Romania, why the Kashtale hate us, the real ROMA. Because the Roma were slaves, and the name Tsigan meant SLAVE in old romanian. The forefathers of the Kashtale were not SLAVES, so their hate against us is justified, because the romanians confound the Kashtale with Roma, and the Roma were slaves, indeed. On the other part, the hate in which Nicolae Gheorghe was raised was so big that he recognized that he is Tsigan, IN ORDER TO RUN by the name ROM, because it is very hard to be a ROM in Romania. He knew that he and his NGOs stole the money of the real Roma, and the real ROMA, as a result of his stealing, started to steal in the European Union, because they are HUNGRY, they and their children, too. Nicolae Gheorghe said that is good to be ROM as long as a person has acces to the money sent for Roma…if the acces to that money is cut, the FAKE ROM, can be again a TSIGAN.


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