How the Roma culture is destroyed by NGO organizations

„For destroying the nations, the beginning is to alter, to delete their memory. Their books are destroyed, their culture, their history, and another people are writting their history, and invent for them a new history. Meanwhile the folk begins to forget the present and the past, and those around them will forget it more easily; THE LANGUAGE will be just an ordinary element of folklore wich, sooner or later, will die of natural death”.(Milan Hubl, czech historian)

In our modern history the role of DESTROYER of the Romani language is held by the non-traditional NGO „GYPSIES„, or Kashtale in the Romani language. These fake gypsies, the Kashtale, are not gypsies, they dont know the Romani language, their parents forgot the language more than 200 years ago(*). Their parents were mostly woodworkers (Kasht=wood in Hindi and Romani), and they say very seldom „I AM NOT A GYPSY(ROM) BECAUSE I DONT KNOW THE ROMANI LANGUAGE, I AM A ROMANIAN„

Because the history of Romani nation is represented by the Romani language, then the leaders of the  gypsy NGO leaders are the real destroyers of the Romani identity, because they dont know the Romani language, and SECRETLY they are fighting against the Romani language(as they forefathers did) disallowing the learning of the Romani language and culture. The money sent by the EUROPEAN UNION are melted just for the fun and whores, luxury cars and big houses. For the poor traditional gypsies the only way to survive is to STEAL in France, Italy, Germany. That`s why the Roma nation is the most despised population of Europe. The culprit is the Romanian NGO organizations.

Even a native speake of the Romani language can become a Kashtalo, by afilliation to a Kashtalo ONG.

The Kashtale gypsies are writting the fake history of the Romani nation. The main historian is Ian Hancock. He allowed a fake history of the Romani people, stating that the Romani nation  enslaved was sold by the afghani prince Muhammad-al-Ghazni. Without prooves! Just assuming that the white and blondes slaves from the Al-Biruni`s book ,Kitab-al-Yamini, were the Roma people, because just the roma are blondes and blacks.Nowhere in the Kitab-al-Yamin dont exists the word Roma or Romani. And Kitab-al-Yamini speaks about an enslaved population of JUST 50.000 people.The entire city of Kannauj.He is forgetting that the Romani people married blonde populations in european countries. The culprit for this fake history of the Roma nation is the profesor Eric Meyer from Paris University(**). Unable to understand the history of their lost language (because their parents renounced to talk the Romani) the fake gypsies Kahstale, are accepting a fake history.

This way, the real history and culture of the Romani people is written and told by the Kahstale gypsies. They teach the real Roma a fake history.


*Esquisse sur l’histoire, les mœurs et la langue des cigains, connus en France sous le nom de Bohémiens, suivie d’un recueil de sept cents mots cigains,page 13 by Kogalniceanu Mihail. He declared that the Lingurari (spoon-makers, aka the Kashtale are the most civilised amongst the Romanian gypsies. Kogalniceanu wrote this book in 1837, this means the the Kashtale-Lingurari lost the Romani language and culture long before the writing of the book). This simply means that the Kashtale (spoon-makers) are not traditional gypsies anymore.

**Gypsies: From the Ganges to the Thames By Donald Kenrick, page 106

Author, Cirpaci Marian Nutsu, a native speaker of the Romani language. Contact me at


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