Why the Roma nation dont originates in Egypt or Israel

Although firstly the Roma were discovered in Egypt by Andrew Boorde in 1545, and their language was described by this englishman in his book The fyrst booke of introduction to knowledge, the Roma are not egyptians. Andrew Boorde call them Egyptians (hence  the word GYPSY in English) in his treatise, but the Romani language is Hindi.

Many educated Roma still believe that we are egyptians or we have de word DEL-God from the Hebrew language (EL/ELOHIM/ELOAH are semitic words). This is totally absurd. The next demostration will proove to those Roma wich are still believing such a nonsense that they are wrong and dont pay attention to their own language:

Romani declension of the hindu word DEVEL

Singular                                                                   Plural

Nominative DEVEL  /DEL                                 DEVLA/DELA

Vocative       DEVLA/DEVLEIA                         DEVLALEN/DEVLENA

Accusative    DEVLES                                          DEVLEN

Dative            DEVLESKE                                     DEVLENGE

Genitive         DEVLESKO                                    DEVLENGO

Locative         DEVLESTE                                     DEVLENDE

Ablative          DEVLESTAR                                  DEVLENDAR

Associative      DEVLESA                                       DEVLENSA

So, the Romani form DEL-is a corrupted form of DEVEL( DEVATA in Sankrit), wich became consecutively DEULA and DEL in Romani. It is easy to see in the declension that the correct Romani form is DEV and not DEL. Because the modern Roma dont pay attention to their language, and because many of them are Protestant Christians, believe that the semitic word EL-God is the source of their divine name DEL, but is clearly seen that the ultimate source of the Romani word DEL is the SANSKRIT word DEVA.

The following declension is of the Sanskrit word DEVA-GOD

Declension of masculine nouns in -a (ex: deva)
Nominative devau devā
Vocative deva devāh
Accusative devaṃ devan
Genitive devasya devānaṃ
Locative deve devesu
Dative devaya devebhyah
Ablative  devat devat
Instrumental devena devaih

source: A Rapid Sanskrit Method By George L. Hart, page 9

Now, remains to explain how the Romani word DEVEL originates in the Sankrit word DEVATA-a God… In Romani Ursari dialect the verb BeshTiom- i sat, became BeshLiom/BeshLem-  i sat, in other Romani dialects. So, the T from Sanskrit became L in Romani.

Author, a native speaker of the Romani language , Cirpaci Marian Nutsu. Email naayram@gmail.com


Autor: naayram


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