Primii „ATHINGANOI” au fost evreii bizantini


A lapping of mistaken identity between Athinganoi and Roma

At the beginning of the thirteenth century the first Patriarch of Constantinopl Athanasius , ( ca. 1230 -ca . 1323 ) , wrote a circular to train clergy not to let their people to associate with the Athinganoi , because ” devilish things they teach .” ( 1)

Another name given to Roma was Aigyptoi,name who indicated their relationship with Egypt , either because of their origin or the practice of magic, although we  were named Egyptians ( gypsies )  by the englishman Andrew Boorde  who met in Egypt the Roma blacksmiths and took from them a small guide of Romani , publishing it in his book ” The fyrst book of the introduction of knowledge ” ( 1542) .These early Romani examples  are identical phrases in grammar and vocabulary with the language of modern Roma blacksmiths , coppersmith, and silversmiths…

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